What do you lace your Hot Chocolate with?

Bonfire night. Time to wrap up warm, grab your sparklers, your toffee apples and ‘Aaah’ and ‘Oooh’ at the firework displays. Hot chocolate is one of the most popular beverages at this time of year, and not just for kids! Add a dash of your favourite tipple to your hot chocolates this year for a grown up twist on this sweet treat.

Kahlua Hot Chocolate

With all homemade hot chocolate, you can control the levels of sweetness to taste. By adding a shot of Kahlua, the coffee liqueur’s bitterness creates a perfect blend when mixed with your hot chocolate. Top with marshmallows drizzled with salted caramel sauce for a truly tantalising taste sensation.

Spiky Nutella Hot Chocolate

If hot chocolate wasn’t naughty enough, push the boat out by adding a couple of dollops of Nutella, this will be a party pleaser all round. Why not add a measure of Bourbon to add a little fire to this naughty delight.

Tipsy Hot Chocolate

Add a bit of luxury to your hot chocolate this bonfire night by adding red wine, yes, you heard us right! This a perfect blend of two fantastically indulgent treats, and you can also give this a bit of extra kick by adding a sprinkle of cayenne pepper or cinnamon. A sophisticated winter tipple. Make mine a large!

Mocha Mudslide

Now, one for the real chocoholics! This is true indulgence, which includes chocolate chips, a dollop of chocolate ice cream and a squirt of whipped cream to top it off. But why stop there? Add some Bailey’s Irish Cream to top this heavenly, luscious, albeit calorific drink!

Boozy Orange Hot Chocolate

Experiment with fruity flavours to create a crowd pleasing festive take on hot chocolate. Rich with flavour but easy to make, orange zest, orange liqueur and brandy are the flavoursome contributors that deliver a spicy and citrus combination to warm you up on a cold winters night. Plus it’s got fruit in it, so it must be good for us right?

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