Top Tips: Event Management 101

More than ever customers are interacting with brands and products in the digital space, however it is important to get the most out of the marketing mix, by combining this modern approach with relevant traditional methods. Events are perhaps original social media and enable a physical interaction that cannot be achieved online.

Whether it is the media launch of a new innovation for Red Bull, a global trade show with DaVinci Gourmet, channel-specific association forums with Kerrymaid or customer conferences with Tetley – from Budapest to Birmingham, we’ve done them all. In this blog, we’ve used our experience to collate our seven top tips to consider when planning your next event:

1. Why are you doing it?

The first step is to establish the objective - is it simply brand awareness, are you launching a new product, or is your aim to sell? Once you know what you want to achieve, you can best identify which events will help you meet that ultimate goal.

2. Audience

Who do you want to reach…consumers? Media? Potential new customers? Build relationships with existing customers? Scrutinise the demographic of the event to ensure you are hitting the relevant audience.

3. Getting them there

So you’ve identified who you want to target, now you need to encourage them to visit. Get your invites out early and provide an incentive for them to make the trip, i.e. a competition or exclusive content. Once they’re there, create some interaction so that you stand out - social media is a great way to encourage visitors to engage with a #Hashtag by visiting your stand.

4. Maximise the opportunity

Once you’ve committed to an event, make the most of being in front of customers. Have the right people on stand that can talk about your brand with knowledge and passion, and ensure they are being proactive, rather than waiting for visitors to come to them (there is nothing more waste-ful than a bored sales person sitting on their phone, ignoring passers-by!). Also, what other opportunities are there to showcase your brand? Sponsorships, speaker opportunities and awards are a great way to amplify your presence.

5. Samples

Unlike many other marketing tools, face-to-face is the one occasion your customers can actual trial your product. Ensure you have considered quantities to sample, especially if you plan to give some away, so that you don’t run out. Also think about how you are going to get it there – are there set logistics for delivery to a large event space? These are all things to consider well in advance, rather that panicking the week before.

6. Sweat the small stuff

So you’ve booked your space and you’ve got your big fancy stand – that’s all you need, right? Wrong. The smooth running of an event is down to the small things that many don’t even contemplate. Have you got enough storage, electricity, running water and waste, have you completed your health and safety forms and risk assessments, do you have a bin?…The list goes on. At the start of the project, make yourself a checklist, with deadlines and responsibilities, to ensure nothing gets missed.

7. Data capture

Great – you’ve got people on stand, now what? What do you want them to do/think? How are you going to make sure that contact is not wasted? Printed collateral that they can take away, featuring all relevant contact details, is a must. Also, investing in a data scanner or requesting a business card following a positive interaction, is a great way of building a database and giving you a point to contact to continue the conversation post-event.

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