Whether it’s for finding the best strategy for a new project or deciding the creative direction for the next campaign, brainstorming is a crucial first step in the process. Not only does it get your team thinking outside the box, but provides a great platform for all members of the group to stretch their creative muscles!


Invite a diverse group of people to the brainstorm (but no more than ten). Individuals from different teams, offering different skill sets and experiences will help provide a range of ideas and fresh perspective.


Book in a set amount of time for the brainstorm. Many thrive under the threat of a deadline and it has been seen to keep people on task and enable them to deliver their best results.


Lay out a comprehensive brief ahead of the meeting, allowing attendees to understand the aims and to prepare their ideas – after all great ideas can occur at any time whether its on the commute home or while doing the weekly shop!


Make it clear that no idea is a bad idea; some may just not be the best fit. If people can speak freely and not feel judged for doing so, more ideas will flow making it more likely a stand out idea will be found.


Silence is power. In brainstorms silences provide thinking time – allowing people to contemplate their own ideas or build upon one that has already been suggested. Alternatively, some individuals may dislike uncomfortable silences and be encouraged to speak up!


Explore different formats to the meeting – if a face-to face brainstorm won’t work, explore digital solutions such as Google Docs. Additionally, accommodate for anonymous submissions.

And finally, while you may not reach the perfect conclusion, a brainstorm will never be a waste of time – sometimes a second round of brainstorming can yield something great.

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