LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional network and with over 500 million members from 200 countries, it is an invaluable platform to use to extend the reach of your business and create new connections. LinkedIn has conquered the B2B market, where other specialised social networks have failed. We have used our expertise to pull together seven top tips for entering the world of LinkedIn:


It is very quick and easy to create a Company Page, however brands that utilise this virtual window will reap the rewards. LinkedIn isn’t overly generous with space for personality, so you must be clever in using your company page to showcase your brand. Using images – both on the header and when posting updates – will help you to stand out


Supporting your industry and sharing expertise is vital on LinkedIn. A steady stream of posts that discuss both company news and industry-wide achievements will ensure you are seen on news feeds. Additionally, engage with what is being deliberated on your newsfeed by liking, commenting and sharing on relevant articles.


LinkedIn Pulse enables members to publish blogs and articles. When something is published, all of your followers will be notified and you are given the opportunity to track the analytics to see who has viewed, shared and liked it. Additionally, company page analytics are useful to assess reach, engagement, follower demographics and more.


Groups are a key feature on the platform and joining them is a great way to start or add to discussions, which can flourish into new connections. There really is a group for everyone, and companies also have the opportunity to create groups on topics related to their brand values.


Being a professional networking site, creating connections is a key feature of LinkedIn. It’s important to add people that you’ve met through events, meetings or email introductions, and remember; there’s no point in adding people you don’t know.


As well as networking, LinkedIn has become a great place to recruit and new advertise opportunities within a company. Posting job advertisements is simple and a dedicated ‘LinkedIn Job Search’ app has been created for users seeking a new job.


Conclusively, training employees to understand the ins and outs of the social network is vital. LinkedIn workshops are a great start to help present the benefits and basics of using the platform.

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