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Protecting profits and effectively managing costs is crucial to the running of every business. However, as the cost of energy continues to rise, in professional kitchens this is becoming increasingly challenging.

Foodservice as a channel accounts for 18% of the average monthly energy usage across the UK, whilst the market for professional equipment is worth more than £765. It’s clear that thinking more about energy can have massive financial benefits…

By making better use of existing resources, operators can significantly decrease costs. One simple step is to specify more efficient appliances – using less energy will cost less in the long run. Think more about lifetime cost, than simply showroom price!

Energy consumption across the kitchen:

• Cooking 40%
• Refrigeration 28%
• Air extraction 17%
• Dishwashing 5%
• Service 4%
• Misc 6%

Sustainable new technology should be at the heart of any catering equipment buying decision. When you replace equipment or plan a new kitchen, make sure you consider the latest technology. It’s not something to fear, but be embraced.
Keith Warren, CESA

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