The changing face of Caffe Culture

This year’s Caffe Culture show summoned caffeine lovers, chocolatiers, CBD enthusiasts and many more to showcase their amazing new products at the Business Design Centre, London.

Throughout our caffeine fuelled day, we noticed a few key trends circulating the room, including cold brew, CBD and Origins. From Hub client, Callebaut, showcasing its very latest hot chocolate range with Origin collections, to High Tide showcasing its latest CBD infused cold brew; the day was full of exciting innovations.

Through its brands Callebaut and Van Houten, Barry Callebaut’s stand enticed chocolate lovers from every direction with its new luxury hot chocolate collection. As many people know, there are endless coffee trends to make a ‘gourmet coffee’, but premium chocolate producer Barry Callebaut proved the same can easily be done with chocolate beverages with its Single Origin Powders from Van Houten, featuring chocolate powders originating from Cameroon and Tanzania. Alongside these powders, Barry Callebaut had more on offer, including Callebaut’s Ground Chocolate, Van Houten’s Premium Powders and Three Components Powders.

To no one’s surprise, the luxury hot chocolate beverage went down a treat, out of 113 blind tastings, 79% preferred Van Houten’s Origin powder versus another ‘well-known’ branded powder. The truth is, you can’t beat quality chocolate!

From start to finish, the day was full of informative demonstrations, taste tests and delicious treats. It’s safe to say we were caffeined out by the end! Excited to see what 2020 has in store.

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