The Burger Awards 2018

Burgers mean business – a classic, fan favourite that’s becoming more versatile and exciting each year. With more fillings, toppings and buns to choose from and incorporate into burgers, the burger experience is one that is becoming more exciting and unique.

On Wednesday 21st February, 16 talented finalists took to the grills at Islington Metal Works, London to compete for the £1,000 prize and title of National Burger of the Year champion, the annual competitions hosted by H20. These impressive chefs from across the UK battled it out over three challenges and showcased incredible talent and creativity.

Walking into the venue, guests were greeted to the well-known smoky burger smell that we all know and love. Buffalo Trace based cocktails and draft beers, alongside lagers from Watneys and West Berkshire Brewery washed down the delicious complimentary burgers and sweet potato fries.

After indulging in a burger or two, editor of Casual Dining magazine, Tristan O’Hana took to the stage, with DJ BBQ in tow to announce the winners of the three categories. First up was the Booker Mystery Box award, where the finalists had to use pure instinct with the ingredients provided on the day supplied by Booker Wholesale. Wayne Pike from Young’s Burger Shack took the crown with his Spiced Chicken Burger.

The next award was the Burger Chef of the Year, which saw the finalists make a Technical Burger with ingredients supplied by the event’s sponsors. Their recipe was pre-prepared and the award went to Christopher Bartlett from Beefboxxx who created a beef patty burger, which contained bacon, blue cheese and crispy shallots.

Last but certainly not least, was the National Burger of the Year award, which was awarded to Sammy Ayjkac from Cut + Grind Burgers, who, with Mum in the audience cheering him on, was taken aback at his great win. Sammy made the Cut + Grind’s Juicy Classic, a chuck, brisket, rump and rib cap patty, served with burger béarnaise, lettuce, British cheddar, red onion and pickles.

Overall, we had a fantastic day and evening celebrating those who create dishes that are so iconically loved by many. Thank you H20 for a fantastic event and we look forward to next year.

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