New Hubbie - Amanda Harvey

Amanda Harvey – Client Services Director

In the last 20 years, I have travelled, studied, worked and played… a lot. What are the parts of all of those things that have kept me happy? My love of food and drink.

From working on BBC Radio 4’s Veg Talk, answering the listener phone in’s for Greg Wallace, to more recently marketing food and drink for London’s oldest and wisest brewers and pubs, I’ve always surrounded myself with the experts in our field and now feel the same way of my new home – The Hub.

So what can I bring to agency land? After 5 years client side, I hope to grow and strengthen our client relationships from my own experiences across both sides of the business. The Hub aren’t just another agency, they are an extension of our client’s teams - the mac to their cheese, the strawberries to their cream. Enough foodie puns? Ok.

To break it down – here are my top 5 tips on getting the best out of your agency, oh and then my top 5 tips on getting the best out of your client, because fair is fair!

Top 5 tips to getting the best of your agency:

1. Share knowledge – just as you would induct a new member of your own team, please induct your agency. What is your mission statement? What are your key objectives? It is important for them to understand this.

2. Time flies – it really does, but please keep an eye on timing of feedback and payment. In both cases, no one likes to be the chaser or the person being chased!

3. Share the love – introduce all your agencies to provide clear boundaries and to ensure there is no duplication of tasks.

4. Manage up and down – ensure your team are happy before your agency receive feedback. They can only manage the expectations they know.

5. That’s a wrap – make time for a thorough evaluation presentation, this helps both sides learn best practice.

Top 5 tips to getting the best of your client:

1. Document EVERYTHING – Status reports are great, action lists are brilliant and meetings with minutes are rare but much appreciated!

2. Decision by committee – unfortunately, this can be a common thing. Share information with all parties and don’t be afraid to push back should you think it is best to do so, clients will appreciate the challenge.

3. Simple and confident – present simple ideas with confidence. They can be built on easier than stripping back complexity.

4. Clear as a bell – communication is important, so spend time on it. Work out the key members of each team who should be communicated to. Ask if the client would prefer you to liaise direct with partners, cc’ing them in. This will save time on both parts.

5. Understand that client side is just as time consuming as agency side, dare I say it, sometimes busier!

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