MARKETING CLINIC Top tips: Surviving the Social Sphere

Top tips:

Surviving the Social Sphere


Planning is crucial when it comes to communicating socially. Keep your message on brand and adapt your tone of voice depending on your objectives in order to engage new and existing users and start conversations


Its not just about social, but your whole digital strategy – be fluid across all digital platforms, from email and social media marketing to your SEO strategy, so as to take users on a complete journey


Mobile over desktop – on average we are spending 220 minutes a day looking at our phones. Everyone’s attention is on their phone 24/7, 365 days a year, so ensure everything you do is mobile friendly


All social channels are different so don’t forget to perfect your tone of voice for each and craft messages to suit your platforms. Where relevant, understanding hashtag etiquette is key and it is vital to do background research to ensure you are using them in the correct context


Listen to what your followers and the network are telling you. Don’t be pushy – people will not respond or engage well. And ALWAYS remember everyone connected to you can see what you say and do!


Images are last years text and are not enough anymore, videos and GIFs are the next big thing


Ultimately, you need to create thumb-stopping content to cut through the noise – understand what will make people want to stop scrolling and pay attention to your posts

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