Konichiwa to Japanese Food

Once dominated by Chinese and Indian cuisine, the reinvigoration of Asian food market in the UK has seen a growing presence of lesser known cuisines and growth in popularity of some that had yet to break through; bringing with it an explosion of different flavours and dining experiences. However, none seem to have grown in popularity quite as quickly as Japanese and the UK’s love affair with Japanese food has now evolved far beyond sushi.

Accounting for 81% of pan-Asian dishes listed on out of home branded menus - Japanese food is big business. Often chosen for its ‘better you’ perception, the cuisine is demonstrating its versatility by taking a step away from tradition and teaming its popular Japanese flavours with more indulgent dishes from the American South – creating Japanese Dude food.

This decadent alternative is tipped to make a big impression on menus this year, so expect to see deep fried tofu, Yakitori chicken skewers and Chicken Kara-age featured on sharing platters soon.

Japanese Food Trivia

76% of consumers choose Japanese food for its flavour

60% of consumers choose Japanese food for its healthier perception

There are 277 Japanese restaurants in London

Pan-Asian food accounts for 20% of main dishes served in QSRs

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