Kent Business Woman of the Year 2015

Award for our leading Hubbie

After ten years of running The Hub and over 20 years in the profession of promoting and championing brands, their products and ambassadors, I am delighted to announce some very exciting PR of my own!

It was a great honor to be nominated for the Kent Women in Business Awards 2015 and subsequently selected as a contender in the prestigious category of Business Woman of the Year, from over 60 entries and amongst 8 high achieving finalists. I am therefore absolutely delighted to have been awarded the coveted title of Business Woman of the Year 2015.

It’s a big leap of faith in your own ability, self-confidence and belief in the support of those around you in both your personal and professional life that you embark of setting up a business on your own. I must say it has been the most rewarding and exciting decade of my life, not to say sometimes that being a woman in business can be a forlorn role but I couldn’t see myself having done anything else in my career.

Winning this award has made me stop and think about me for a moment and how I got here. What does being acknowledged as a business leader actually say about me?

Leading like a woman means being yourself. By doing this, you’re a more inspiring leader, more focused and present in your everyday life, enabling you to build a stronger, and more sustainable business.

If I were to give any advice on how to succeed in the increasingly demanding world of business it would be this.

Embrace your femininity and don’t lose your female compassion and empathy, in our increasingly connected world where the lines between work and home life are blurring, good leaders need these qualities to run a more holistic, flexible and communicative business.

Be true to yourself and don’t try to be someone else – being open and honest about your beliefs, values and fears is the best way to engage modern audiences and most clients will appreciate you for it.

Align your business values with your personal ones – working your butt off for a purpose that has no relevance to who you are or what interests you, will ultimately leave you incomplete. When you channel your efforts to achieve your real goals, you’ll start loving your work.

Paint your own vision. Focusing on the big picture and painting your future goals can stop you from feeling pressure to conform. If you’re an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to think through your own brand innovation — and how you want to shape your impact on the industry you operate within.

This win means that all the efforts and sacrifices I have made so far have received recognition. It’s confirmation that I can achieve whatever I set out to do.

I would like to thank the remarkable team around me (past and present) - for the hard work they put in to making The Hub evermore successful, year after year. But also a huge appreciation to my clients for allowing me the pleasure to support their amazing businesses, and I never stop being astounded by the ongoing support I receive from my wonderful industry colleagues and peers, many of which I am delighted to call my friends. I am truly privileged to work in our fantastic industry, in the creative communications profession that I relish so much.

There’s no question that diversity is good for business. By partnering with The Hub we bring different perspectives and insight, companies can foster more innovation in their communications approach, challenge the status quo and capture a higher share of voice. Please get in touch to discuss your foodservice and convenience retail communication needs in the knowing that you are dealing with an exemplary business in its own right. (sorry couldn’t resist the sales pitch!)

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