As the B2B partner of choice working across our clients’ marketing and sales functions, we are an integral champion of lead generation – but lead gen can mean different things to different people.

So what is lead generation? – It’s the process of converting strangers and prospects who have at some point engaged and shown an interest in your company’s products or services.

What it’s not is chasing down a list of contacts on a database, randomly cold calling them and playing a numbers game.

Your audience doesn’t want their interest, bought they want you to earn it. This is where the marketing function can develop, nurture and qualify viable prospects for the ever-stretched sales team to convert.

The Hub finds unique and engaging ways to attract potential customers to your business – then the quality and relevance of the product/service can do the talking.

To help you focus on what is important to a new prospect we’ve created a list of five top tips:

Know who and why a prospect would be interested in you and what can you GIVE them to help them? Content is king – recipes, advice, offers, insight, white papers… Make it worth them trading their details to access your content.
Where do they go to find content that benefits them? Segment their haunts by sector and channel and make your content relevant to their individual needs – remember different purchasing decision makers have different wants.
PR, events, blogs, websites, social media are among the myriad of platforms you should be utilising in your lead gen programme - provide the right content in the correct format. Make it easy for them to find you. Links back to engage should be visible and clickable and collect their information.. Data is the gold dust.
The more information you can collect on each prospect the better you can gauge their genuine interest and prioritise – are they in the right channel for your product! Do they have purchasing authority? Are they from a company on your target list? Qualified data is priceless.
Once you’ve got their attention personalise your opening communication to meet the needs of that prospect – follow up with more targeted compelling content, speak their language – know their channel challenges, pitch the right products and deliver the right message to that specific stakeholders desires.
New Business is everyone’s business. Lead generation should be everyone’s mission. Marketing might create the content, sales might follow up the lead but it’s a revolving customer cycle, so keep everyone informed. Results shared, help form the thinking of your next lead generation campaign.

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