From Kent to Ghent

Following a crazy week of weather and snow storms covering the UK due to the ‘Beast from the East’, my housemates and I didn’t want it to stop us going on an exciting city break we had planned. Surprisingly undiscovered by tourists, we chose to visit Ghent – often described as Belgium’s best kept secret. From picturesque medieval architecture and an abundance of historical hot spots to contemporary interior design and a vibrant music scene, it really is a city that has something for everyone.

An easy drive from Kent via the Eurotunnel, we checked into our Airbnb on Saturday afternoon - a very cool and beautifully decorated apartment in a historic townhouse and only a stones throw away from the city centre.

Our first task was to find somewhere to enjoy a late lunch. We made our way the Holy Food Market, situated in the glorious 16th century Baudelo chapel, where a young Mozart played some of his first performances. Inspired by the food halls in Barcelona, Rotterdam and Copenhagen, the market offers cuisines from 16 different cultures, with a central bar to indulge on the extensive menu of Belgian beer and tasty cocktails. After a glass of Cristal beer for me and cherry fruitbier for my two friends, as well as Bubba’s handmade Belgium croquettes all round, we were sufficiently fueled to continue exploring.

Having dodged and dived through the tram-filled streets and fleets of cyclists until sunset, we stumbled across the medieval quay of the city, Graslei and Korenlei, and thought it rude not to stop off at one (or two!) of the many lit up bars lining the water.

With travel bloggers insisting Jack’s House serves the best waffles in town, we decided a sweet treat interlude to our evening of beer tasting was much in order. Drizzled with the perfect amount of Nutella, Jack’s scrumptious Belgian Waffles really are ones not to miss!

Waking up to the deep sound of a tram tumbling past our bedroom marked the start of the city rising again for another day. Fans of the brunch movement we had done our research, spots and made our way to Franz Gustav. For some reason – call me crazy – I had decided to give up bread and cheese for lent, not ideal when my friends were enjoying delicious bread, cheese and ham breakfast boards! A homemade granola and creamy yogurt, crisp pain au chocolat, freshly squeezed orange juice and hot chocolate milk set me up for the day.

After an insightful boat trip on Ghent’s maze of canals we got back on the road, arriving in the UK after a quick pit stop at a supermarket near Dunkirk to stock up on Monday treats for my fellow Hubbies!

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