We’ve been busy in the last few months with our client Callebaut supporting the release of a brand new product, along with driving the launch of the second phase of the successful Lasting Impressions campaign.

Both launches saw The Hub get stuck into all things chocolate and we couldn’t have been more in our element!

The power of Ecl1pse

Providing the solution to the industry’s indulgence vs. better for you dichotomy, in October Callebaut introduced its latest NPD – Ecl1pse – chocolate made with just 1% added sugar. The latest product from the Belgian chocolate manufacturer allows chefs and chocolatiers to reduce sugar content in their products by up to 20%.

Ecl1pse is the first real Belgian milk chocolate recipe containing just 1% added sugar whilst retaining its smooth chocolatey consistency and renowned milk chocolate flavour due to its high milk content. Ecl1pse boasts up to twice the milk and cocoa content compared to regular milk chocolate and is darker, smoother, creamier and more intense than other milk chocolate products on the market. The product’s versatility means that chefs and chocolatiers can simply replace their usual milk chocolate with Ecl1pse in some of their most popular recipes, instantly reducing the sugar content, without compromising on flavour.

The launch event for Ecl1pse took place at the Century Club on Shaftesbury Avenue at the beginning of October to introduce the new addition to the Callebaut portfolio to trade press. We celebrated the new release with a three course meal; the dessert course, a chocolate fondant, took attendees by surprise as it was later revealed the dessert was created using Ecl1pse chocolate, resulting in a 20% sugar reduction. Goody bags contained tasters of Ecl1pse chocolate in a variety of forms including a tiffin, brownie, and a raw form of the chocolate, as well as recipe cards for the bakery, HORECA and confectionery sectors.

Robert Harrison, sales director, Barry Callebaut explains the launch: “Ecl1pse demonstrates that reduced sugar doesn’t mean reduced flavour. As such operators and retailers can create delicious chocolate products that will help the food and drink industry reach the government’s 20% reduced sugar target by 2020. Callebaut’s latest innovation literally means consumers can have their cake and eat it!”

Creating a Lasting Impression…round two

This autumn Callebaut also launched phase two of its successful Lasting Impressions campaign. Back bigger and better, Lasting Impressions Autumn & Winter sees the Belgian chocolate manufacturer focus on seasonality to inspire menus and boost sales across a range of foodservice channels.

Following the successful launch earlier this year, Lasting Impressions Autumn & Winter retains the unique look, feel and channel focus, but with a brand new collection of bespoke content that has evolved to take the campaign to the next stage.

Supporting café, pub and restaurant owners with individually tailored channel guides, the campaign’s latest content focuses on making the most of the autumn and winter season, delivering comforting recipes and indulgent serving suggestions, perfect for the colder months when consumers are more likely to choose a dessert and are looking for a tempting chocolate sweet treat – potentially to share with friends and family.

Vincenzo Mangano, sales manager, Barry Callebaut reflects: “The launch of the first phase of Lasting Impressions was really well received, so it made absolute sense to continue to support our customers in this way. We’re delighted to offer a new range of tools for autumn and winter that will deliver maximised profits and ensure every single customer is left with the right lasting impression.”

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