16 May 2015

Lisa Jenkins

Products and suppliers editor The Caterer.

So what are the pros and cons of being Products and Suppliers Editor, The Caterer?
The pros are the cons really – there is just so much to cover. That means I’ve always got something new to discover: to write, blog or tweet about. I cover food, drink and equipment – so it’s an exciting world.

If you could write a feature on any topic, trend or issue facing our industry currently, what would the headline and lead be?
Developing talent: the role of catering colleges in the UK

How can the industry protect its local and regional colleges against ongoing budget cuts?
Do we do enough as an industry to support the lecturers in order to secure a pool of future talent?

Spoilt for choice no doubt, but where has been your most memorable dining experience and why?
I am quite spoilt for choice so will choose a few if that’s OK: The Pony & Trap in Bristol (for the caramel panna cotta), Le Manoir aux Quat‘ Saisons (very special occasion) and the Hand and Flowers (relaxed surroundings – excellent food)

Putting you on the spot but in your opinion what is the most innovative product or concept you have seen in the last 12 months?
The Urban Cultivator is brilliant www.urbancultivator.net and I love the Black Sheep coffee brand and story www.leavetheherdbehind.com

So tell us about a typical off-day in the life of Lisa Jenkins...
Walking the dog (we have a miniature Australian Labradoodle), reading, handbag shopping (bit addicted), meeting friends, visiting family. All the usual stuff. We enjoy travelling and have had some great holidays and have just booked Crete for 2015.

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