16 April 2015

Ian Green

Head Chef at Green & Fortune

Can you tell us a little about how you got involved with your current role?
A contact had been trying to recruit a head chef for the role of managing the Rotunda restaurant and couldn’t find anyone with the desire to take on the butchery of the beef and lamb we get from our own farm. When I heard about this I had to apply for the job, it was such a massive draw as a chef.

..and what attracted you to the industry from a young age?
I always enjoyed cooking at home. I had a job as a kitchen porter when I was very young, then started helping out the chefs and fell in love with the industry.

Your passion for great quality ingredients is well known, can you tell us a little about your in-house butchery and how that came about?
One of the owners of Green and Fortune owns the farm land in Northumberland which has family run tenant farmers who produce amazing quality beef and lamb by allowing nature to do its work and looking after the animals with such care and attention. The animals are fed on grass from naturally fertilised fields woven with clovers and herbs, coupled with the animals born on the farm gives an amazing product. Buying straight from the farm means we pay for the animals as you see standing in the field, and once the abbatoir have done their job, I am very lucky to have an amazing in house butcher. Daz the butcher has been butchering for 35 years or so, and there isn’t a lot he doesn’t know. By having the in house butcher means we can carry on with the care and attention of ensuring a truly remarkable product.

If you had to sum up three positives and three negatives of being a chef what would they be?
Postives – Working with amazing people, amazing products and doing a job I love
Negative – Long hours, miss my family, lack of daylight!!

When you aren’t in the kitchen, where would we find you on a special day out?
Anywhere with my beautiful wife and daughter………either by the sea where we live or exploring kent

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