How do you make a significant impression in profit?

The Challenge

Callebaut’s unrivalled heritage within fine-dining and banqueting wasn’t in question – but at pitch stage The Hub made compelling recommendations that the brand was to expand into the growing opportunities offered by sectors not previously harnessed. Needless to say our consultancy paid off and we won the account!

A core objective was bringing the brand to life in kitchens where there wasn’t a dedicated pastry or dessert chef as revealed by The Hub’s insight, and to demonstrate to chefs how to add value and drive profits across a range of UK market channels.

The Strategy

With a depleting skill base in traditional craft pastry in the mainstream foodservice channels, a need to help chefs and cooks leverage their dessert offer was obvious but our strategy was to aim to take chocolate further across the menu and highlight how Callebaut could add value not only from a profit opportunity but also consumer perception.

Channelling the thought that consumers last impression of a dining experience is often accompanied with an element of a chocolate ingredient, there is no room for compromise on the quality or taste.

We wanted to demonstrate simple ways to enhance a range of sundry menus across target channels including cafes, restaurants and pubs, with bespoke content and recipes demonstrating the profit opportunity with Callebaut products, raising brand awareness and inspiring chefs to do more with chocolate.

The Campaign

The Hub’s ‘Lasting Impressions’ campaign communicated this compelling message with insight, advice and inspiration changing how chefs across the industry view Callebaut.

Working closely with customers, The Hub created a comprehensive customer and operator marketing campaign.

From charming stop motion video content, distributed around social and media partner platforms, to customer presentation assets and channel specific customer guides, right through to a highly impressionable creative, the Lasting Impressions campaign was amplified across a multi-platform media campaign across print, digital and social media, achieving frequent and considerable opportunities to see.

The Results

The 'Lasting Impressions' campaign played a key role in driving an 14% point sales volume increase to reverse annual year-on-year decline of -10%  to +4%

The Hub secured 81 pieces of feature coverage and 25 pieces of news coverage across key trade media titles in the first year alone

Positive customer feedback ensure maximum usage of assets and improving and deepening partnerships between brand and customer – driving dynamic sales growth across the board

“Callebaut was facing declining volumes in some of its key markets. The Hub joined the team to help them develop the marketing materials and has directly contributed to not only halting this recline, but driving the brand into growth. Customers love the campaign and want more of our assets than they ever have before”
Head of Brand and Trade Marketing

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