It’s all about the source

Everybody loves a good story, whether it’s about the origins of a recipe, or the source of ingredients.

The food industry is seeing more brands, operators and retailers alike deploying transparent marketing campaigns, using on pack messaging, educational point – of –sale and menu crafting, to inform and educate their customer.

Consumers have a world of knowledge at their fingertips and accessing information has never been so easy. This, combined with a rise in awareness of ethical trading, animal welfare and the supply chain, is driving demand for better deals for farmers, animals and local sourcing.

In retail

The Government is calling on food producers and shops to provide more information on labels including where in Britain their food has been sourced, as new research shows that almost 80% of people see buying local food as a top priority. Other research highlights that vegetables (51%) and meat (40%) topped the list of products that people would buy if local options were available.**

In foodservice

Sustainability is rising in levels of importance in the mind of caterers and consumers alike. As a way of improving sustainability efforts and helping the local economy, chefs are increasingly making ingredients for their menus in-house using local produce. Menus tell a story of the source and how its been made to generate theatre in the experience.

Some foodservice establishments are even taking product sourcing one step further by growing vegetables, herbs, and in some cases edible flowers on site as well as producing ferments, spirits, and syrups.

*YouGov April 2015

**YouGov Omnibus 2015 report ‘Locally Sourced Produce’

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