Digital Marketing - What does it mean to you?

Digital marketing – what does it mean to you? Also known as data-driven marketing which should give us all a clue as to how we should think about this evolving marketing technology. But few B2B brands really make the most of what it can offer.


  • Lead generation
  • Sales conversion
  • Lead nurturing
  • Upsell/cross sell/repeat sell
  • Loyalty
  • Retention

    Remember it’s about data-driven marketing – so set out your strategy and tactics based on metrics and KPI’s. What does success look like?

  • Email click through rates
  • Website visits
  • Data capture
  • Social shares
  • Sales leads measured by cost per acquisition
  • Retention

    How you utilise your owned digital channels can be extremely effective in creating engagement with your customers.

    Email marketing

    Are you segmenting your database to ensure message relevancy? Delivering your message at the right time depending on your targets day part behaviour? Do you have a strategy depending on where they are at in the customer lifecycle?

    Landing Pages

    Do you need a dedicated landing page to direct and capture engagement for a specific campaign?


    What is the role of your website…. for revisits and engagement you need to think about the depth of your content. Are you committed to on-going investment in your website?


    What content marketing will you create to drive engagement across your digital channels?


    Consider whether your digital behaviour and relevancy deserve referral and engagement in the online world.

    Have you engaged an on and off-line search optimisation strategy to drive traffic to your various channels?

    How can you involve your brand with the social network communities that your customers and prospects engage with?


    Part of your digital strategy should encompass online spend to achieve incremental opportunity and influence.

    Are you maximising the engagement opportunity through third party industry or partner owned channels?

  • Paid Search
  • Display
  • Third Party emails

    At The Hub we don’t see ‘digital’ as the new way. It is simply another channel to reach and engage with your prospects and customers and should be seen as part of your overall marketing programme and intrinsic to your campaign planning.

    Be clear on what success looks like, devise your strategy, plan your tactics, commit to your content, set your metrics and utilise the ‘data’ it drives.

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