Cold brew, dairy-free and turmeric ... the best of London Coffee Festival 2017

Housed in Brick Lane's trendy Truman Brewery, The London Coffee Festival is a hive of hipsters and coffee aficionados looking for the next big thing.

After a long wait to actually get into the popular festival, I headed straight to the Allegra World Coffee Portal seminar, to hear about the latest research. We're drinking more coffee than ever before and willing to pay more for it, with the industry constantly evolving to take advantage of the ever-growing health trend and remain relevant through multiple day parts. With 2.8bn coffee occasions annually and 82% of us visiting coffee shops weekly, according to Allegra World Coffee Portal, we are heading into coffee's 5th wave.

As coffee consumption grows, niche trends heroed by the likes of Soho Grind and Caravan coffee roasters are hitting the mainstream, as Starbucks showcased its cold brew and nitro coffee. The same African roast used for both, the nitro offered a smooth, rich and refreshing result.

Away from coffee, health vs indulgence were most definitely the dominate trends. Dairy-free alternatives, Alpro, Oatly and Blue Diamond all with a strong presence, and the beauty and brain boosting Turmeric Latte was the star of the show for me. On the flip side there were an increasing number of alcohol brands showcasing coffee cocktails to take cafes into the evening opportunity.

All round an exciting and insightful event....just be prepared to queue!

Written by Carly Smith, Account Director

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